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To us developing a project is more than just commissioning a design and on selling a completed product. We believe that true sustainability goes beyond just a smart design and begins with how a development is funded and extends to how the building is maintained. With this in mind Jeckra offers 3 core businesses Develop, Deliver, Maintain to ensure a centre is always looking its best.


At Jeckra we have a deep seeded belief that when a project evolves and is passed on to the next consultant or stakeholders to oversee, inherent knowledge is lost. This causes financial risk and impact on a project’s success.

With that in mind we have developed our delivery model to provide maximum value to a project and reduce economic loss through inefficiencies. We do this by working further upstream and downstream than traditional Project Managers, this means we perform an integrated role of being the Development Manager, Project Manager and Construction Manager.

How do we do it? Well our team are the first to walk the real estate with our clients to carry out due diligence. We engage the consultant team, manage the planning, procure the project then oversee the delivery. And on completion, we induct the end user on how to run and maintain their new asset.


Sometimes opportunity’s come about that are just too hard to say no to. So this is where Develop was conceived! As the name suggests Develop is Jeckra’s development business. Our team sources the real estate, funds purpose built childcare centres and leases them to an end user on completion.

It might sound a bit brash but we don’t mind saying that we are quite proud of our Develop business. Our team are quite resourceful in finding bespoke sites and being our own client means we have the added freedom of trying out and testing some of our design ideas.


Saying good bye to a project you have worked on closely is never easy and what’s even harder is to see something you have taken so much pride in developing, show signs of aging.

We know your asset is critical for your business to trade and we love seeing our projects still looking like new. So our team at Jeckra came up with a solution to this problem and built a business called Maintain!

Our Maintain team works with you to create an asset register at the completion of a project. We schedule maintenance periods then carry out the works to ensure your centre is always looking its best and your infrastructure is always up to the wear and tear of children.

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